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This is an evening which features a series of reflections and personal histories that offer unique insights on the meaning of compassion.


OPTIMISTA is proud to have been able to celebrate the different expressions of COURAGE with such a lovely crowd! Thank you for being part of this experience with us.

Bravo to all the featured artists and filmmakers that presented their powerful work.

Visual Artist: Agustina Belén Pedrocca (05-05-2022 – 05-06-2022 : Happy Beautiful out of Spite)

Performance by Diana León (On this path, you are sure to get lost.) [15 min]

Conference by Gamal “G” Tuwara [15 min]

Short film : The Black Cop (2021) by Cherish Oteka

Feature film : Writing with Fire (2021) Rintu Thomas, Sushmit Ghosh

Cocktail party - Live DJ set by Webbed Feet


Presented in partnership with MONTREAL BLACK FILM FESTIVAL and FADE TO BLACK


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